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Visionary Kid's Productions

At the core of Clare's work is the voice of the child, they are the true visionaries behind all of our work.  Clare works collaboratively with children to design and create projects that highlight the capacity of children to engage as social agents of change and creative active citizens.  Using measured risky play as the main tool children and young people are supported to share their prior skills and knowledge and enter into a dialogic process using the language and rituals they identify with to create participatory and interactive projects that excite, question and inspire.

The Ultimate Pop-Up Junkyard Playground

The Ultimate Pop-Up Junkyard Playground is inspired by the original Junkyard Playground as designed by landscape architect Carl Sorenson.  Using a combination of measured risky play and art practices it celebrates the abilities of children and young people as they are engaged as the lead artists, designers, architects and builders of the Ultimate Pop Up Junkyard Playground.  The program supports the young artists and designers to engage in practices that are risky and creative where their unique ways of communicating and seeing the world are embraced. 

A core focus of the program is to support children and young peoples agency and their ability to engage as active citizens in the design and creation of their community.  Supported by a team of professional artists, architects and designers participants are invited to share their skills and knowledge with the wider community, displaying their capacity to create connections and build community using their unique rituals, languages and practices. 


The Ultimate Junkyard Playground can be designed and run in partnership with schools, councils, community organisations and festivals. Clare has a strong emphasis on working collaboratively with the community where the project is taking place, employing local facilitators to work alongside her team of professional artists and designers where possible.  A transformational project it celebrates the voices of children, and invites the adult facilitators and wider community to enter into a dialogue that uses play as the primary form of exchange.


Kid's Urban Dreaming

Kid's Urban Dreaming is a year long project that combines art, measured risky play, cooking and all the wonderful things kids love to engage in.  Over the year the kids are in charge, Clare support them to design and create a program that celebrates who they are.  They run mini festivals, cook meals over fires, create ephemeral sculptures, explore their neighborhood with a camera in hand, get dirty, paint, garden, take over public spaces and just run the program for the entire year.  

This project has been previously run at the Cloverdale Community Centre.  Over 12 months the participants took over a parts of the Centre for 2hrs once a week. They cooked up a storm, ran the Kid's Take Charge Festival, took over Labuan Square for an evening, played hoola hoops and engaged in all kinds of craziness with play as the core motivator.


Kid's Own Kitchen

Kid's Own Kitchen is part cooking and part conversation.  The kid's design the menu, cook up the food and the adults are invited to sit down and engage in conversations led by the hosts.  Discussions can be complicated, silly, political or just a casual conversation about play, food and what makes the world go round.

At the core of this project is the transactions that take place, like all of our programs the conversations and ideas that are shared between the child artists, the adult facilitators and guests are a highlight of the work.  The project connects children with their community over food and conversation, supporting the child participants to share their knowledge, skills and ideas, displaying their inherent creativity and ability to take the lead in a safe and friendly space.  

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