The Art of Participation

Socially engaging, participatory public and community art programs that activate space, have young people sharing, talking about their dreams, ideas, community and taking the lead.



Our programs are designed so that young people are the lead artists, it is their project.  Our role is to facilitate and help them to bring their ideas to life whilst they learn new skills and actively participate in a safe and nurturing space where all are equal and valued.



They are the future so why not allow them to be actively involved in how it is designed.



Young people have a right to be actively involved in the design and use of public space.  Whether it is a temporary installation or permanent the project is all about them.



We believe that by encouraging all to participate in an equal platform barriers can be broken down, young people gain confidence in their skills and in turn, this leads to a happier and more inclusive community.



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M:  04222 02869

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Contact:  042 220 2869

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