Kid's Own Kitchen

Kid's Own Kitchen

Who says kid's can't rule the kitchen.

Kid's Own Kitchen is all about kids sharing their cooking skills whilst discussing topics that are important to them.

They cook up a storm of healthy delights, create the mood and rule the roost for the day.

Parents, older siblings, guardians and community members are invited to sit down and enjoy the feast but there is one main rule THE KIDS ARE IN CHARGE.

Kids love cooking and they love sharing their ideas so we create the environment where it is safe for them to do so and it goes from there.

Our facilitators are on hand to help where necessary and provide cooking tips if asked and ensure everyone is safe.  We believe kids are far more capable than most people realise.  This project allows them to shine and do so in a healthy, happy environment.

Kid's Own Kitchen

Atherton Gardens Housing Estate, Fitzroy 2016

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Contact:  042 220 2869

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