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Inspired by the original Junkyard Playground built in Emdrup in 1944 by Danish Landscape Architect Carl Sorenson, The Ultimate Pop Up Junkyard Playground is 100% young person led. 



 In the 1930’s  Sorenson asked the question;



“How, then, are we to create an environment that meets the child’s urge to explore, test and experiment?”



In response to the frustration many children were finding themselves in, who were growing up in the barren and unyielding environment of the newly built urban housing estates.



Sorenson’s response to his own question was the Junkyard Playground, known today as the Adventure Playground.  We have taken this concept and created a project that is accessible to all young people aged 5-16 wherever we pop up.  The program is designed to encourage active participation, the learning of new skills and to bring young people together regardless of gender, socio-economic or cultural backgrounds.


Our school programs are designed to fit in with your schools' curriculum and can be run as a one-off day or as a long-term artist residency where students are engaged in learning new skills, developing their confidence, creativity, and leadership capacities.  The long-term program is designed to re-engage children with their school's community and actively encourages children's sense of belonging,  placemaking, and citizenship. 



We work also work with councils and community organisations and are more than happy to sit down with you and the children of your community to design the program around your communities specific needs.  The program has brought together over 200 children from the Moreland area and beyond.  



Our team of facilitators has combined over 20yrs+ experience in Adventure Play, Public and Community Art, Architecture and Youth Work. 



To find out more don't hesitate to contact us on 04222 02869 or email




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Contact:  042 220 2869

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