Invite Me to Play, Lowesdale Public School 2015

This project allows the viewer to dive into the world of the child.  Through the use of photography, video, puppetry and story telling we allow children to share their world of play with us.  At their invitation we are allowed to observe and capture them in what is often a world many adults have forgotten the beauty of.

Play comes in many forms, it can be swinging on a tyre you just attached to the tree, imagining you are running your own horse stable or simply just sitting quietly and contemplating.

Invite Me to Play came to be after being invited to work with the students from Lowesdale Public School in 2015.  The children invited me into their world, they shared their stories of play and created a short video where they used puppetry to show you around their nature and adventure play space.

You can view the short video by clicking here

To find out more about this program please feel to contact us on 04222 02869 or email


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